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Strategic Business Planning with IT Planning Programme

Do you  ...............

  • Want to solve Business Problems and Grow your Business but do not know how to begin? 
  • Want to implement Information Technologies but do not know where to start? 
  • Want an Action Plan to achieve your business goals but do not know how to formulate it?
What will you get?
  • Three Strategic Planning Sessions for Key Management of the company to formulate your company strategy
  • IT Plan & Recommendation to support your strategy
  • Two follow up Review Sessions
  • Company Strategic Plan Document & Action Plan


  • Government Development Assistance Programme is applicable

Uniqueness of Hutex's Strategic Planning Process

  • Strong focus on Human Factors
  • Involved not just Strategy and IT but also prepare the people for the change
  • Design Strategic plan and long term IT vision for the company
  • Adopt Structured methodology
  • Guide on preparation for the subsequent implementation phase
  • Wide experience and knowledge in business operations


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