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Hutex Consulting Road Map

Hutex Management Consulting adopts systematic approach in its total consulting process using the Hutex Consulting Road Map:



The Hutex Consulting Road Map is a total approach to ensure the continuous growth and improvement of our clients.  It focuses on the fundamental issues that make a company successful.

First, a company must know “Where it is now”. These include knowing the external and internal environment that the company operates.  The “Organization Review” gives a brief study on the various areas of the company including its policy, infrastructure, human resources, financial resources, etc.  It provides a third party view of where the company stands so that they can better estimate the effort requires to bring the company to reach its objectives. It also provides recommendation for issues that require immediate concern.

The second major stage of the road map establishes systematically on “Where does the company want to go”.  Using the information from the organization review, it generates systematic strategic planning to formulate the broad strategy and direction for the company.

The first two stages are foundation stages to ensure that the efforts put into the improvement actions are necessary and to minimize wastage of resources due to wrong direction during the later consulting stage.  They also establish vision of the company to communicate to the company staff and provide self-awareness.

The third stage is to answer “How to reach there”.  This is the action stage of the consulting roadmap to design viable business processes that will help the company to achieve its goals.  This is done through “Business Process Re-engineering”.  Business process is the backbone of the business operations and its optimization will bring along efficiency and provides foundation for other improvements.

The final action stage of the roadmap zooms down into the various areas of improvement. It focuses on the various areas of optimization such as human resources, financial resources, operations, production, etc.  The application of technologies and information technologies may be carried out as part of the improvement process.

The Hutex Consulting Road Map will vary in its application and detail according to the needs of our clients.  The iteration approach of the consulting road map will ensure that our clients can better adjust to the ever-changing nature of today’s business environment.

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