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The increasingly globalize competitive market means that not many companies can survive without adopting some form of technologies.  However, implementing technologies without ensuring that the company systems and people are ready for them can be disastrous.  There is need to ensure that company systems and people can integrate to the new technologies.  Companies must establish a strong foundation so that the new technologies can be executed efficiently and bring about benefits.  A long term plan must be established so that the investment will be the most appropriate and maximize returns. Hutex's approach in management consulting is to ensure the integration of human with technology through strong execution methodology.


Provide quality management consulting services to assist companies in their growth, through studying their current situation, identifying their objectives and needs, enabling them to apply management techniques and information technologies to achieve their goals.


  • Make our clients successful
  • Ethical in dealing with clients and projects.
  • Share knowledge and help clients to learn and grow
  • Achieving win-win situations