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Due to the positive response from our first workshop, we are glad to present our second workshop on "Starting and Managing your Home Businesses in Singapore!"

Click here to see participants feedback from our previous workshop.

Government Released New Home Office Scheme

See information at http://www.ura.gov.sg/.

Do you Know that...

  1. Apple, IBM and Bengawang Solo all started as Home Business?
  2. Home business does not restrict to businesses that provide services, but can be retail and manufacturing?
  3. Home business can be an international business?
  4. Home business is not necessary a ONE-MAN business?
  5. Home business is very common in the western countries?
  6. Technologies and new Singapore government regulations are making home businesses even more viable that before?

This is a One and a Half Day dynamic and intensive workshop with local Singapore contents.  Participants will learn from an experienced home business entrepreneur on how to start and manage a successful home business.

The objectives of this Workshop are:

  1. Help the participant to learn through case studies, discussions and Hands-on exercises on how to start a home business

  2. Help the participants to formulate ideas and guide them through the planning process

  3. Provide opportunity for the participants to meet with like-minded people to form strategic alliances

Who should attend this Workshop:

This workshop is for Full-Time, Part-Time and New Entrepreneurs who would like to learn to start and run a successful business from their home, by taking advantage of low start-up costs, low risk and the flexibility to balance works and family time.

Learn how to...

  1. Identify and verify the feasibility of your home business idea
  2. Do your business planning
  3. Lower your risk and maximize profit
  4. Decide your business form and understand the business registration procedure
  5. Market and sell your products/services
  6. Set up a low cost and efficient workplace
  7. Overcome problems of isolation, procrastination and self-discipline when working alone
  8. Manage and control your finance
  9. Obtain assistance, legal, government regulations and taxation issues

Venue of Workshop

PSB Corporation Pte Ltd (Beside National University Hospital)

1 Science Park Drive 118221 Singapore

Date and Duration

19 July 2003 (Saturday) from 9am to 5pm and 20 July 2003 (Sunday) from 9am to 12noon.

Lunch and Tea Breaks

Lunch and tea breaks will be provided.

Workshop Leader

Raymond Yap, the workshop leader, is the founder of Hutex Management Consulting and StratReach System Pte Ltd. Hutex Management Consulting provides Business Process Improvement and Information Technologies consulting to the SMEs and StratReach System Pte Ltd provides International IT services to foreign software companies.

Raymond has been an experienced home business entrepreneur. He started Hutex Management Consulting as his first business. He later founded StratReach System Pte Ltd with two partners to explore into the opportunity of introducing software into China and Asia market. Both businesses are run through his home office leveraging on low overhead and operating costs.  Raymond obtained a Distinction in MBA from University of Louisville major in Entrepreneurships study.

Besides running his two businesses, Raymond also lectures in Nanyang Polytechnics, Queensland University of Technologies and National University of Singapore.  He also conducted public seminars in Mauritius and Maintech Asia Exhibition.

Fee Payment

  1. S$339 per participant (Discounted fee if payment is received before 14 July 2003.  Normal fee is S$388)
  2. For group of two persons or more registering together, the fee will be S$299 per participants for payment received before 14 July 2003 or S$339 for payment received after 14 July 2003.
  3. Payment should be made through Cheque payable to "Hutex Management Consulting".




SARS Precaution

To ensure that the participants are SARS safe, body temperature will be taken for all participants before the start of the workshop by PSB Corporation staff.


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