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How to Improve Readiness of Company for IT Implementation

By taking steps to improve the readiness, it also creates a healthy company culture for business growth. The factors to improve the readiness of the company for IT project can be illustrated by the following "Readiness Circles":

Shared Vision

Set clear vision and objectives for the company. These visions and objectives should be constantly communicated to the employees. It helps to align the various projects so that they will contribute to the achieving of the vision and minimizes non-value added activities.


Formulate clear and workable strategies to achieve the vision. This forms an overall plan of the company including the IT plan.


Design organization structure to support the strategy and vision. The organization structure should allow easy measurement of each department's performance within the company strategic plan. Organizations that are structure around their Business process are much easier for implementation of IT. Techniques such as "Business Process Reengineering" will be useful in re-designing process.


Improve the skill of the managers and employees. Give incentive and convenience for management and employee to attend training. Reward those who have successfully completed training programs that will benefit the company. Formulate training plan and put it as part of the company strategy.


The ability for business owners to identify, recruit, deploy and retain talent is perhaps one of the most difficult and yet important tasks faced by Small and Medium Size companies (SMEs/SMIs). Business owners and top management need to be creative in the remuneration package for these talents.


Business owners and top management must practice what they preach and "Lead by Example". Open style management tends to encourage participation by the employees. A closed style management that is practiced by some SMEs/SMIs has the effect of restricting the growth of the employees and the company. In a closed style management environment, employees are reluctant to make decision. This places most of the decision-making tasks onto the business owners and top management of the company. It is not a problem when a company is small. However, when the company begins to grow, the span of control of the company will be stretched and making it ineffective. Closed style management also reduces the opportunity of the managers to practice decision-making. This will eventually caused succession problems to the management.


Open style management has to be done with good management control system. Having open style management without corresponding management system to support it can be chaotic. There must be clear policies that help managers in making routine decision. There must also be check and balance system especially when financial resources are involved. The management system must be efficient so that not too many resources and time is spent in managing it. Yet it must also provide sufficient counter checking and feedback mechanism.



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