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Presale Seminar/Workshop for Software Sale Persons and Consultants


Successful presales is not just about presenting the facts and hard selling.  Raymond, who is an ex-presale consultant and now helping clients to evaluate software solutions, will be able to help you improve your win-rate in software presale process.

This is a highly customized education programme for the Software Sale persons and consultants according to the specific needs of our clients.

The objectives of this Training/Workshop are:

  • Understanding the sales process
  • Understanding the important of team selling
  • Correcting the mistakes in doing pre-sales
  • Improve the Win-Rate!

Who should attend this Training/Workshop:

Sales persons and Pre-sales consultants who want to improve their Win-Rate!

Some of the Contents of the Programme:

  1. Understanding your prospect's needs
  2. Team selling process and sales cycle
  3. The foundations of presales
  4. Handling meetings
  5. Conducting site survey
  6. Dos and Don'ts in Software demonstration
  7. How to organize a demonstration that will close the deal
  8. What to do after the demonstration
  9. Task of a presale after the deal is closed
  10. Practical session with a "real" account



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