Job Opportunities - Marketing Executive

Personality Traits

The right candidate must be a positive minded, self-motivated, independent and energetic marketing oriented person.  He/She must be able to project the professional image of Hutex Management Consulting.


To market the consulting services of Hutex Management Consulting.  The Marketing Executive will likely to conduct his/her marketing through the following efforts:

  1. Collecting of marketing database and information through Internet or publications
  2. Direct fax or mailing to introduce our consulting services
  3. Direct telemarketing to obtain prospects
  4. Site visit to qualify the prospects before referring to the consultant

The marketing executive will have to be creative to explore the most effective marketing channel.

Qualifications/ Experience

The idea candidate will probably have the following qualification and experience:

  1. Polytechnic or University graduate
  2. Understand the general concepts of Operation Improvement and IT consulting
  3. Have knowledge on QCC, 5S Housekeeping, Business Process Re-engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning, etc.
  4. Confident and good in communication
  5. Comfortable in dealing with SMEs and understand their environment.


Performance base commission

Place of Work

The marketing executive will work from home and may require to travel within Singapore

Period of Employment

Part-Time/Full Time/Temporary/ Permanent

Interested candidate is to write in to hr@hutex.com with resume.  Please also attach with one to two pages of write-up explaining what you will do to market the consulting services of Hutex Management Consulting.

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