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Education Programme ( Enterprise Resource Planning)


This education programme is conducted as public seminars and workshop.  We also customize the education programme according to the specific needs of our clients.                   

The objectives of this Seminar and Workshop are:

  • Provide the participants with an overview on concepts of ERP
  • Prepare the participants for ERP Selection and Implementation
  • Help the participants to understand the various ERP modules available and their application so that they can determine their application to their current working environment

Who should attend this Seminar and Workshop:

Managers and future users of ERP who need to appreciate and understand ERP as part of their preparation to evaluate, select and implement ERP solution for their organization.

Some of the Contents of the Programme:

1. Enterprise Resource Planning Perceptions and Concepts

2. Production Concepts in ERP

3. Inventory Management Concept in ERP

4. Production Planning

5. Master Production Schedule

6. Material Requirement Planning

7. Capacity Planning

8. Shop Floor Control

9. Justification and Selection of ERP

10. ERP Implementation

11. Change, Corporate Culture and Change Management

12. ERP and the Elements of Manufacturing Control

13. Extended ERP

14. Future Trends

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