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Education Programme ( 5S Housekeeping/Workplace Organization)


This education programme is conducted as public seminars and workshop.  We also customize the education programme according to the specific needs of our clients.                   

The objectives of this Seminar and Workshop are:

  • Identify the good work habits that help improve the efficiency and image of work place
  • Understand the concepts of 5S Housekeeping
  • Understand the implementation of 5S housekeeping

Who should attend this Seminar and Workshop:

Managers, supervisors and executives who want to understand and lead the implementation of 5S housekeeping

Some of the Contents of the Programme:

1. Overview of 5S Housekeeping

2. Benefits of 5S Housekeeping

3. The First Pillar - Organization (Seiri)

4. The Second Pillar - Orderliness (Seiton)

5. Visual Organization & Visual Orderliness through Red-Tagging and Signboard Strategies

6. The Third Pillar - Cleanliness (Seiso)

7. The Fourth Pillar - Standardized Cleanup (Seiketsu)

8. The Fifth Pillar - Discipline (Shitsuke)

9. Twelve Types of Resistance to the 5Sís

10. Introducing the 5S into the workplace


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